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Crazy Film Creations; Large or Small let's Make it Happen.
"Solution Based Mindsets, Baby!"

Heya! We're Distant Travelers Films and we have a few Intuitive and Ingenious Scripts up our sleeves with an APPETITE for the DEDICATION and WORK ETHIC to apply ourselves and them into LIFE. We're always open to hearing about new ideas we can also bring our creative efforts to support, key word - 

"EGOLESS COPRODUCTION; The best idea for the project wins no matter who's idea it is".

The Dirty Ambiance Podcast is one of our main outreach Channels to further and Support Better Communication in the international film industry, personally between creatives and business minds, as well as between departments on Film sets no matter how large or small the production.

We could all use a little more Aloha and we're always open to plant the seeds.

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We doin Dope Shit,
Ya'll can join if you get the feelies for it.

Playing the Game, and Collecting Names.

Andrew Hanson is Founder and an Integral part of the 2 Dirty Boomers Boom Operating Team. You can follow their efforts for improving the World Film Industry at these locations-

Instagram: @2_dirty_Boomers


Their Cinematic Podcast Channel, episodes from which are always on location.

"We come to where you are"

Dirty Ambiance Podcast:

Starting in 2017 as a Set Runner, Andrew quickly discovered the need for professionalism in a Film-Set Position usually reserved for the Lowest of the Low, in Experience as well as wages. By the end of 2018 in an effort to bring organization to the one department with the least amount of internal organization, the department that should be the Physical Representation of Organization on Film Sets across Germany's "Wild West" Film Industry, Andrew Co-Founded the Set-AL/Assi's/Runner NRW WhatsApp Group.

In 2019 he founded the Set-AL Deutschland group. Andrew Believes a Set-Runner should be of the mind and openness to know as much as possible about every On Set Department. To be available to assist whenever it may be needed. "When you have No Mission, Watch the Set like a Hawk from the best Vantage Point you can find and search for something to do."

Always Communicate and spend your Energy as Effectively as possible.  Through this philosophy he continues to work towards the Set-AL Dream Team in Germany as well as fair wages above minimum for qualified Set-Runners. The Dream Team of Set-AL Professionalism:


-Set-Assi & Base-Assi

- Key Runner

- 2 Set Runners

- Set-AL Exclusive Intern

In the 3 years of working as A Professional Set-Runner, but never getting payed as such, Andrew gained experience in the Sound department as a Boom Operator, Catering as Sou-Chef, and Light Department as Light- Assi. Through observing & participating in the organization of the Lighting Department  he found the momentum to build as much as he could for the Set-AL department before ultimately / Professionally leaving it for the Sound Department. In the early covid times of 2020, he spent the lockdowns on a horse farm in Bavaria, ultimately thankful for the time to be back in touch with one of his previous lives as a Barefoot Horse-Hoof Trimmer (Horses without Horse Shoes). 

As the Covid Ban On Film Shooting lifted, he found the chance he had been searching for to go Full Time Boom Operator. In 2019 Andrew met Leipzig based Boom Operator Roland Eickhoff. They kept in touch. In 2021 while shooting in Hamburg both Andrew & Roland were able to reconnect and further their passion for a style of Booming that accounts for The Boom Operator as The Face of Sound on set.

"They should be Political Honey with the most well rounded knowledge of every part of the Production Film Set"


"Nobody wants to work with a whining little bitch".

With these ideas Andrew decided to create the 2 Dirty Boomer Partnership aka The Dirty Boom Squad, pitched it to Roland, and Roland Accepted. In early 2022, while spending time In the USA, Andrew was Contacted by Ambient Recording GmbH and Andrew & Roland decided to approach them with their ideas for a New Direction of Boom Operators. In this momentum Andrew & Roland, Supported by Ambient, Created the

Boom Operators talking with persons of interest within our Sound Department and other Departments inside and outside the Industry. Discussions about sound solutions, learning each others departments, skills & weaknesses, improvising on set, humorous ideas, the European film industry as well as the WORLD industry to further communication, and learn how to spread MORE Aloha!
This being only the First Step and First Face of plans for a new type of Boom Operator Masterclass, A Boom Operator School in Germany, as well as laying the ground work for a Totally New Type of World Wide, Interconnected Film School. 

If you would like to know more, just ask :)

Andrew is always open to sharing ideas and because he knows he can NOT do it all alone he's always searching for more people that want to share in ideas such as all those mentioned previously. Andrew Hanson would be absolutely nowhere without the good graces and help from countless people. From The Bottom of the Hierarchy to the Tippy Top, Andrew has had the help from many wonderful people and is continuously searching for any forms of Reciprocation. 

Andrew is Currently also Laying the Foundations for The Octopus Monarchy [Fictional] Film Company along side Distant Travelers Films. Another plan for the future involving mountainous amounts of work and passion. I believe he is a Person who intends

Never to Retire, only Change Directions as the Years pass into the Dust of Cinema History.

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"You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something; build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete" - Buckminster Fuller

We're definitely, wholeheartedly, looking to do it differently than what is already in existence.

 Respect and Love fellow Artists 

Stoic Philosophy

"Inspiration is 1%, realization is 99% hard work" - Nancy Wilcox

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We Love the Art of Egoless Collaborative Creation and Organization. If you feel you're suited to a particular task, flow of involvement, or that we can ultimately partner up with you in one form or another please don't hesitate to say "HelloOoOOoo", Give us a Ring or Drop us a Line.  Mahalo,Andrew Hanson

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